About Us

AIRPORTCABSERVICE.LK operates all kind of transportations facilities with licensed, kind and English separable drivers from Katunayake Bandaranayake International Airport to any part of Sri Lanka. Our vehicle fleet is consisted with Super luxury, Luxury and Budget cars, vans and Mini buses which you need to travel your destination safely and comfortably using minimum of money. Our drivers have a enough instinct to understand the traffic jams when you arrived to the airport and will be bring you to the destination using by roads without any delay. Meanwhile, if you want to go to the airport definitely our service will be ensuring your journey at the line and length as well trouble less. We are operating our service since 2010 and enjoying maximum portion of the market share to proudly be the market leader in Cab service industry in the country. Our successful operational performance permeate us to go in for an expansion program and we ventured in to the similar field of business by introducing Budget Cars and Super Luxury Vans with Free WiFi facilities to fill up the in and out going travelers’ needs.

Our Vision

To become the honest and cheapest cab service in Sri Lanka

Mission Statement

To achieve the vision we try our best to enhance our vehicle fleet from current level to expected level by upgrading technology, facility, drivers’ disciplines and value added service quality.

Our Motto

Safe and comfort of traveler is our only happiness